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Dr. Mary Hemphill's Bio


Dr. Mary Hemphill is a leadership expert, development coach, K-16 educator, administrator, author, and motivational speaker. With an extensive 20-year career spanning roles as a teacher, administrator, state director, and adjunct professor, she brings a wealth of experience to her work. Holding a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, Mary has directly influenced and coached educational and corporate leaders worldwide, focusing on empowered wellness, innovative strategy, and leadership development.

As the proud CEO and Founder of The Limitless Leader LLC, Mary leads an organization dedicated to helping individuals unleash their leadership potential, enabling them to better serve their communities, companies, and personal careers through coaching, consulting, workshops, and keynotes tailored for corporate and educational leaders and organizations.

Throughout her tenure as North Carolina’s first state director of Computer Science, Director of Academics, and Chief Academic Officer, Mary has been instrumental in driving strategic initiatives and programs and guiding leaders through change management. Her outstanding contributions were recognized when she was named Regional Principal of the Year for the Sandhills Region of North Carolina in 2017 and received the Model Schools Award for her transformative work in school turnaround and reform.

Mary's expertise was further acknowledged when she was selected as a 2021 School Ambassador Fellowship panelist by the US Department of Education, adding her voice and insights to the selection process for ambassadors under the Department’s current administration.

In recognition of her impact in leadership in transforming the way leaders approach 21st-century challenges, Mary was honored as one of EdTech Digest’s Top 100 Influencers for 2023-2024 and is a 2024 EdTech Digest Finalist for Leadership as an edtech author/speaker or podcaster, standing alongside industry leaders who are making significant contributions across K-12, higher education, and workforce learning.

Most recently, Mary has been chosen as one of the new Senior Fellows at The Center for Model Schools, where she will engage as an expert and thought leader, providing invaluable counsel on leadership development and contributing to the growth of education leaders and the Center as a whole. She will deliver engaging keynote speeches, extend the Center's outreach to the education community, and offer guidance and support in strategic planning, leadership coaching, organizational culture, equity, and policy development, aligning her expertise with the Center's mission.

Mary is the author of 'The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools,' a compelling resource designed to inspire school and district leaders to fully engage with and empower their students. This book serves as an invaluable asset for courses in school leadership and administration.

As a self-proclaimed edupreneur, Dr. Mary Hemphill seamlessly integrates her wealth of experience in education and entrepreneurship. Her unique fusion of these realms equips leaders across industries with innovative strategies and transformative leadership development. 

Beyond her impactful work with schools, districts, and organizations nationwide, Mary also shares her expertise as a contributor to Forbes where she pins a monthly column on leadership strategy. Her pioneering efforts in leveraging technology to drive educational transformation underscore her professional presence and credibility in the edtech space. Driven by a philosophy centered on breaking through limiting beliefs to unleash one's authentic and powerful self, she fosters transformational leadership. Mary firmly believes that nurturing young adults, learning communities, and organizations to lead the movement is paramount in creating positive global shifts.

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