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CEO Call to Action : June 2023

Never settle. Ever.

Every time you accept less than what you deserve, a little bit of that bright light starts to dim. Every time you compromise your worth, the watts in your bulb become dull. Every time you agree with someone’s disrupted analysis of who you really are, your spark stops shining. Never partner with someone or something that requires you to lower your vibration, your shine, or most importantly your energy. Why?

Because there is so much purpose in you. God designed you specifically to fulfill a vision and mission that only YOU can accomplish on this planet. You cannot accomplish this task if you constantly have to stop to recharge. You cannot inspire big change if you are running on empty. You cannot support others to find their light when they cannot first see yours.

So Limitless Leaders, this week examine the places and spaces in your life where you might be settling. Then create a plan & move your feet. The world needs the real you to shine. YOU need the real you to shine!


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