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CEO Call To Action: The Limitless Formula

Fall is here, and with it comes the beginning of Q4. We are down to the last three months, and it is critical that we tap in and lock in to maximize our efforts this year. As we go into the final stretch, I have been reflecting…a lot. Choosing to commit to full-time entrepreneurship meant adopting new mindsets, habits, and tools that I am honing on a daily basis. There are no perfect days on this journey, but I have curated a formula that when practiced consistently makes each day (even the not-so-great ones) worth it:

✨ complete surrender + full momentum + optimal delusion = a limitless life ✨

Complete surrender means giving it all (yes, even that thing that you’re afraid to address or acknowledge) over to God. If you’re anything like me, you might have realized that keeping your hands in and on it hasn’t worked out the best, so giving Him complete control over those areas makes all you’re carrying SO much lighter. I am enjoying the journey so much better because I gave up on trying to control it all!

Full momentum on your goals is a game changer. I became laser-focused on specific goals and completely dismissed anything (and anyone) that didn’t look like the future I wanted for myself. Did I have to sever some friendships? Yes. Did I have to create some new habits? Yes. Did it get a bit lonely at times? Of course. Has it been worth it? Heck yea! Press on the gas toward your desired life and do not let up until you look around & what you see in front of you matches your vision. Period.

Optimal delusion is the secret sauce because if you can imagine it, it is possible! I had to ask myself, “If all the time I spent doubting and worrying didn’t get me the results I wanted, what would happen if I directed that energy in the opposite direction?” The results honestly have been mind-blowing, and all because I started to believe that bigger and better was attainable for me!

Limitless Leader, how will you use this formula to start curating your limitless life?

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