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Limitless Legacy

As we celebrate Limitless’ fourth anniversary this month, I am proud to celebrate and take a look back at how far we have come! Throughout March, we celebrated Women’s History Month by honoring two of the most phenomenal women that I also have the pleasure to work alongside each day - Gloria and Karen Hemphill. I started The Limitless Lady in 2019 as a way to maximize my impact on leaders and scale my speaking career. In 2019, however, I was working as a full-time educator during the day & working in the evening and late hours at night to build, grow, and scale solo.

Within two years, the demand for keynotes, leadership development training, and workshops around The One-Minute Meeting was increasing, & it was obvious that it was time to seek help. One thing that kept resonating with me was the idea of legacy & generational wealth. How do families who were not born into wealth begin to plant seeds that outlive their generation? Start a family business.

There are many ways to build a family business & acquire assets, however, the one thing my business mentor reminded me of was that “legacy has to start with someone.”In my heart, I knew that Limitless had the potential to grow, but I spent many nights praying about what direction our organization was headed in. And that’s where my Mom & sister showed up BIG time! You see, without these two women, I would not be a Limitless Lady. My Mom has modeled the way since the day I was born, and my sister is the most brilliant & talented accountability partner a woman could ask for.

So Limitless Family, introducing the first two Limitless team members:

Karen serves as our company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and spearheads all Limitless outreach & communication, logistics for our events & engagements, book sales, & curating client experience.

Gloria (Mama Dukes) serves as our Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) and provides holistic support, insight, and 1:1 coaching for our internal team and clients on all things physical, mental, & emotional wellness.

This is what our family business looks like, however, what does legacy look like for you, Limitless Leader? In what ways will you plant seeds or how are you already planting seeds of legacy that will outlive you? We are honored, humbled, and grateful for every single one of our clients, customers, subscribers, and supporters.

We are honored to continue serving you and your organizations as you tap into your limitless potential, and we cannot wait to see the blessings Year 4 will bring to our community. Let’s take the limits off legacy-building!


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