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Limitless Possibilites

The relentless rain plummets the windows of the familiar coffee shop. The chilly wind sweeps through the front door as each customer rushes in to place their order for lattes, green teas, or muffins. And they rush back out. There is no time for chatter or a kind word this morning. Everyone is in a mood & the wet weather is calling the shots. It is another dreary, unremarkable & uninspiring Monday.

So often, her thoughts are filled with owning her coffee shop/bakery that is always pleasant & inviting despite the weather outside. A place that beckons one to come in, pause for a moment to think & to be still. A place imbued with an ambiance that embraces time instead of constricting it. A place filled with the enticing aromas of in-house baked goods, delicious sandwiches, steamy, comforting teas & robust coffee notes. A place with a charming bell over the front door that tinkles cheerfully as each customer enters & exits.

She often thinks, “Is any of this possible?”

Believe this, we are all divinely blessed with dreams, hopes, & aspirations that are possible. To truly understand our Source of such desires is one thing. To truly believe that our Source was resolute when He created us in His image & placed unimaginable gifts within us is yet another thing. Know this: We serve & love a faithful God who keeps His promises. Every one of His precious promises is a possibility in our lives.

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37 HCSB

Limitless Leaders, every promise of God in our lives will come to fruition. Why? The answer lies in the perfect character &nature of Jesus, our Promise Keeper. We don’t make your dreams come true. The fulfillment of all our dreams & promises is in Him, by Him, for Him, & of Him. All we need to do is believe Him. That’s called faith & faith is the key to all possibilities.

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