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Kicking Off My Journey at Limitless

Hey Limitless Family! I'm Ahmya Rivera, and as I kick off my journey within the Limitless Lounge, I wanted to share more about my background. Despite facing challenges in a rural community, coming from a lower-income household, and navigating demanding learning environments as a first-gen student, I've still achieved a couple of accolades. 

1. I'm a six-time nationally recognized community builder, winning top scholarships and national awards from Microsoft, Lancome, Harvard, and the United States Senate. These supported my enrollment as one of 50 students in Cohort 10 at USC’s Iovine and Young Academy — a school founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the creators of Beats Headphones. I'm now a first-year sophomore studying design, computer science, and business, having already obtained my Associate's Degree in high school. 

2. I’m a teen STE(A)M author and speaker. At 16 I wrote my kid's book, STEAM Quest: Story-based Activity Book, and from 17 to 18, I fundraised to get it published by 60+ backers. Although my current focus involves speaking to classrooms and boards discussing innovative education, STE(A)M, and professional development for youth. 

3. Throughout the years, I can confidently say I have worked with, mentored, and/or led over 100+ groups of students ranging from K-12. Having encountered many diverse student perspectives, they continue to shape my leadership and thinking across various endeavors.


4. Lobbying in Congress advocating for STEAM education is another accolade I am very proud of. 

This year I plan to venture into tech and design entrepreneurship, while also developing research on innovative educational practices with nationally-recognized researchers. Despite life's chaos, I managed to accomplish a lot in the past, and the entrepreneurial mindset that I embrace promises continued success in the busy year ahead. Every year I see myself as a start-up, setting quarterly goals and acknowledging foundational skills ready for growth. If you have time this January, I recommend you split your year into quarters, set big goals for each quarter, and plan to accomplish them through mini-habits. 

Thank you all for reading thus far, and I'm eager to share more value with you in the months to come!


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