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Collaborative Leadership for Cultivating a Culture of Wellness

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Collaborative Leadership: School Leadership for Cultivating a Culture of Wellness offers practical approaches for integrating educational technology into wellness initiatives, empowering school leaders to prioritize emotional, social, and mental well-being, and transforming school culture.


Key Takeaways: 

1. Understanding the components of a culture of wellness: School leaders will gain insight into what a culture of wellness entails in the 21st century, exploring how it looks, sounds, and feels within educational settings.


2. Implementing conscious consumerism strategies: School leaders will curate an arsenal of practical strategies and actionable insights to develop an awareness of the thoughts, decisions, and ideas that influence their leadership. 


3. Transforming culture with emotional intelligence tools: School leaders will leverage emotional intelligence tools, such as the Feelings Wheel, to promote well-being practices and elevate the importance of safe emotional language within the school community.


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