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The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools teaches readers how to leverage a unique instructional practice to authentically glean information from students. With only 3 critical questions, school leaders & educators can engage student stakeholders in the process of school transformation! This valuable feedback can then be used to inform instructional practices, school policies, & academic pedagogy.

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About the Book

The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools teaches readers how to leverage a unique instructional practice called the One-Minute Meeting to authentically glean information from students. This valuable feedback can then be used to inform instructional practice, learning environment, and student achievement. The text provides detailed instructions for introducing, planning, implementing, and disaggregating the One-Minute Meeting in any learning environment.

The book features in-depth explanations on the importance of each One-Minute Meeting component, from creating an informative needs assessment to maximizing transformational potential within a school to communicating with teacher leaders. Each chapter begins by explaining the origin of each One-Minute Meeting concept and then lays out the formal research that supports the concept within a school setting. Readers are provided with examples and templates throughout to support implementation at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Developed to inspire school and district leaders to fully engage with and empower their students, The One-Minute Meeting is an exceptional resource for courses in school leadership and administration. The text is also a valuable resource for in-service educators and administrators at K-12 institutions.


“In this important book, Dr. Hemphill provides a roadmap for all educators to build meaningful connections with their students.  The One Minute Meeting shares creative ways in which leaders can provide students with opportunities to take ownership in their educational journey.  Personally, I was able to use Dr. Hemphill’s questioning strategies to build connections with students (K-12) and to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a student in our district. - Paul R."


"The One-Minute Meeting is a timeless, impactful, meaningful read that should be in the hands of every educator who keeps learners at the core of decision-making! Dr. Mary Hemphill invites the reader on a detailed journey of how a community can open paths of promise to elevate the intellectual, social, emotional, and behavioral needs of all students! Her process magnifies the value of cultivating connection and empowers our most vital stakeholders, our students, to share their voices in safe spaces. This transformational experience will inspire you to lead with an empathetic lens and develop authentic relationships with the learners, colleagues, and families you serve!"


"The One Minute Meeting by Dr. Mary Hemphill, offers ways to empower stakeholders using a meeting strategy that is an effective tool in any capacity, even beyond the educational field . Taking just a minute or two to tune into team or community perspectives, input, and needs, provide important insights, while letting members know their voice is valued. I am excited to use this strategy to collaborate with staff and students on creating a mission statement that authentically reflects our school’s vision and culture."


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