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Dr. Mary Hemphill


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Dr. Mary Hemphill is the CEO of The Limitless
Lady, LLC and Founder of The Limitless
Leader, a company that helps individuals ignite
the leader in themselves so they can better serve
their community, company, & personal career.
She is a Leadership Expert & Coach, K-12
Educator & Administrator, & Inspirational
Speaker. With over 15 years of professional
experience as a teacher, administrator, state
director, & university professor, Mary
understands the importance of fusing
education, empowerment, & leadership together
as she works with learning & working
communities & speaks to audiences across the
country. She holds a PhD in Leadership Studies,
& has led, coached, & impacted close to 25,000
individuals around the world on

transformational & innovative strategy, self-
empowerment, & leadership.

Mary currently has the unique opportunity to hone her expertise through her role as North Carolina’s first state director of Computer Science & Technology Education where she works to leverage support & leadership around Computer Science initiatives across the state.  In addition, she has presented & spoken for multiple platforms & conferences such as the Model Schools Conference, All Things Open, The Future of Tech is Female, and NCASA Conference on Educational Leadership. Mary was named Regional Principal of the Year for the Sandhills Region of North Carolina for her work in 2018 & is the co-founder of a 501 c(3) Rebrand NC Education which is aimed exclusively at helping North Carolina school leaders shatter the status quo & shift the conversation around public education. Most recently, Mary was also selected as a 2021 School Ambassador Fellowship panelist by the US Department of Education to add her voice and expertise to the process of selecting ambassadors for the Department’s current administration.

Mary is the author of The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools, which will be available nationally in July 2020. The One-Minute Meeting teaches readers how to leverage a unique instructional practice called the One-Minute Meeting to authentically glean information from students. Developed to inspire school and district leaders to fully engage with and empower their students, The One-Minute Meeting is an exceptional resource for college & university courses in school leadership and administration. This text is also a valuable resource for in-service educators and administrators at K-12 institutions.

Mary believes that in order to show up in the world as your most authentic & powerful self, we must break through limiting beliefs that keep us from maximizing our full potential. If we want to create opportunities, pathways, & impact that shift our world in a more positive direction, then we need young adults, learning communities, & organizations who are prepared to lead the movement!

Founder of The Limitless Lady LLC & The Limitless Leader Program,

Author, Educator, Motivational Speaker

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Founder of The Limitless Lady LLC & The Limitless Leader Program, Author, Educator, Motivational Speaker