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Limitless League

We are so excited to announce that Limitless will be expanding our reach through our new nonprofit - The Limitless League! The Limitless League is the nonprofit arm of Limitless that seeks to empower a future generation of leaders who will limitlessly impact their schools, communities, and ultimately, the country!

Born from the critical need for student voice and student agency in our educational system, The Limitless League will work alongside schools, other nonprofit organizations, and communities to provide support, space, and strategy for young minds to learn and cultivate leadership skills that will serve them well into their personal and professional journeys. The Limitless League will offer leadership curriculum and development for students in kindergarten to 12th grade with capstone real-world experiences to put their leadership skills to practice.

We are elated to welcome our new League Executive Director, Erin Mitchell! Erin will provide guidance and oversight throughout the startup phases of the League. We are excited to respond to the academic and opportunity gap that exists for our nation’s young people and to develop a leadership community with our youngest Limitless Leaders in mind!


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