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Renee McRae

Enlightening, productive, personal & supportive. 'Thank you' is not enough when it comes to describing how The Limitless Leader program has impacted my life!

Dylan Allen

A valiant educator, devout intellectual, and natural leader, Dr. Hemphill stands out among the rest when it comes to professionalism. Being committed to the success of those around her, I would recommend her for any professional endeavor or consultation.

Dr. Will Deyamport

What I admire most about Dr. Hemphill is her unwavering belief in the greatness of the human spirit.

Meet Mary


Mary is the author The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders in Schools which released 

nationally in July 2020. 

Past & Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Difficult Conversations on

Racial Injustice

(June 2020)

The Innovator's Mindset Podcast with George Couros: The One-Minute Meeting

(August 2020)

After the Bell Podcast with Educating Laura: Limitless Leadership

(January 2021)

ENGAGE Podcast: The One-Minute Meeting - A Conversation with

Dr. Mary Hemphill

(March 2021)

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The One-Minute Meeting: Creating Student Stakeholders teaches readers how to leverage a unique instructional practice to authentically glean information from students. With only 3 critical questions, school leaders & educators can engage student stakeholders in the process of school transformation! This valuable feedback can then be used to inform instructional practices, school policies, & academic pedagogy. 

Check out my new book The One-Minute Meeting! 


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Mary Hemphill, PhD


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