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Thrilled to share that we've joined the esteemed ranks of Forbes as a contributing writer! Join us on this exciting journey as we share insights, trends, and stories shaping our industries. Thank you for being part of our community!

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How Leaders Can Increase Productivity Using AI Combined With Soft Skills

Our Ed-Tech Topic Offerings:

  • Leveraging 21st Century School Leadership Skills for 22nd Century Success

  • Empowering Student Voice: EdTech Leadership for Engaged Leaders and Learners

  • EdTech School Leadership for Building a Culture of Wellness

  • Navigating Disruptive Tech  for 21st Century Schools

  • Crafting a Strategic EdTech Leadership Plan (School & District)

  • Navigating the Digital Age: Essential Leadership Skills for Educators

  • Leveraging Technology for Educational Equity

  • Overcoming Resistance to Change: Strategies for EdTech Leadership

  • The Human Side of Technology: Cultivating Connection in a Digital World

Who can benefit?

Designed for Educational Leaders, C-Suite Executives, HR Leaders,

& Mid-Level Managers

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