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(Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, & Accessibility)

In today's polarized social climate, developing leaders and leadership requires intentional and strategic efforts to educate and empower. The impact of racial equity, inclusive practice, and a diverse approach to business is crucial for the success of thriving and innovative organizations that aim to recruit, retain, and sustain their employees and clients in the 21st century. To ensure future success, leaders must shift their personal and professional approaches and strategies to create new norms and habits.


Dr. Mary talks with the Power to Fly Community in a Chat & Learn session about DEI'ing the Workplace

Our IDEA Topic Offerings:

  • An Inclusive Lens for Hybrid Work

  • Employee Network Groups: The How, The Why, & The What 

  • Supporting Employees' Mental Health from the Ground Up 

  • Hiring, Recruitment, & Retention of a Diverse Workforce

  • Understanding Privilege/Positions of Power at Work

  • Maximizing Multiple Generations: A Focus on a Multigenerational Workforce

  • Addressing Racial Equity & Inclusion

  • Understanding & Managing Microaggressions (Part 1 & Part 2)

  • Privilege, Pronouns, and People-First Language

  • Diversity Fatigue: What it is & how do I manage it?

  • What Do Highly Diverse Companies Do Differently?

Who can benefit?

Designed for Educational Leaders, C-Suite Executives, HR Leaders, & Mid-Level Managers,

Looking for more?

Don’t see a topic that fits your organization’s needs? We have the availability to create customized session topics! Speak with a Limitless team member by filling out our Inquiry Form or contact us at

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