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Limitless Watch List : September 2023

Each month we highlight one educational entity & one corporation for their innovative approach to leadership & learning.

Harlem Village Academies

Harlem Village Academies is a progressive PK-12 public charter school network that creates learning experiences that inspire and require the highest levels of intellectual sophistication. From their Montessori PreK through the distinguished high school International Baccalaureate (IB) program, Harlem Village Academies shrives to support children in becoming intellectually sophisticated, wholesome in character, avid readers, independent thinkers, and compassionate individuals.


DELL describes itself as searching for people who are interested in “driving human progress forward.” The tech giant boldly declares its mission to recruit ‘superstars,’ which sets the bar very high for potential applicants. Their innovative hiring process is divided into two rounds – the first is the initial technical one, which consists mainly of tests to assess knowledge and skills. The second round is the Human Resources one, which is more interactive and focused on evaluating the applicant’s personality!

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