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The Way of Wellness

The mind is a beautiful place to embrace. Just consider the barrage of mental

downloads our minds are exposed to daily. Everyone’s downloads may be different, but

often the result is the same. Overload, worry, & stress are frequently the byproducts of

hectic lifestyles, too many obligations on our agendas, & frantic nutritional habits. Our

minds are crying out for intentional maintenance in the form of mindfulness which is a

type of meditation.

There is no wrong definition of mindfulness if it works for you. Nor is the concept new. I

remember growing up in the fifties & sixties listening to our local radio station in our

home. My parents loved music & they had a fondness for jazz, instrumental interludes,

& crooners. The latter are those singers with that certain something in their voice. Their

favorite crooner was Nat King Cole. His melodic, mellow tones & piano playing were

soothing, made you smile, & took our minds off everyday concerns and trials, if only for

a moment. I realized now that my parents knew about mindfulness by setting the

atmosphere in our home for calmness, harmony, & joy with music. A much-needed

practice in a home filled with six children! Amazingly, Cole’s birthday will be celebrated

on February 15th during Black History Month with its 2024 theme, “African Americans

and the Arts.”

Similarly, in my current retirement, I have discovered a source of mindfulness that

works for me. Like growing up to Cole’s crooning & other musical favorites, my

mindfulness emanates through my senses also. One source of my mental clarity & calm

lies in the legacy of a gifted painter named Bob Ross. He was renowned for painting

gorgeous, inspirational landscapes with “happy” trees, mountains, & clouds. During the

30-minute lessons, he demonstrated his talent on canvas and would instruct,

encourage, & comfort the audience through his peaceful, comforting voice. With his

program on, I am transported to a place of serenity & tranquility. I also confess that

while watching, my creativity & productivity have increased because my mind & body

are in a meditative state of peace. Don’t laugh, I am watching an episode as I author

this article!

The way of wellness need not be complicated or expensive. But it should be intentional.

The way of wellness matters for limitless leaders because of the grueling amount of

time, energy, & attention expended in leading others. And in life, in general.

You listen to your body when it cries out for help in the form of hunger, thirst, or

tiredness. Our minds & thought-life need attention too. In both realms, it’s all about

balance. The way of wellness should begin with leading one’s self well, one’s true,

whole self.

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